Most useful 6 Routers suitable for Verizon FiOS online Service (100-300-500Mbps, Gigabit)

Most useful 6 Routers suitable for Verizon FiOS online Service (100-300-500Mbps, Gigabit)

Because we have researched and hand-picked the best devices for each speed tier (100Mbps, 300Mbps, 500Mbps, Gigabit etc) if you are looking to buy a router compatible with Verizon FiOS service, keep reading below.

Verizon provides their very own internet gateway products. The gateway is called “FiOS Quantum Gateway G1100 Router” for newer installations. This really is a good model with AC1750 WiFi abilities however some individuals are seeking to change this product along with other choices which have better specifications etc.

For older Verizon installments, almost certainly you have got an Actiontec gateway model by having a cable that is coaxial. Then you will need to install Ethernet cable (cat5, cat6, cat7 etc) from the Verizon ONT optical box in order to connect to your own router if this is the case.

More over, there is certainly a completely brand new generation that is next choice (working together with the latest WiFi 6 standard), the Verizon/FiOS G3100 that is better still compared to the G1100 mentioned previously and can work great with FiOS solution for high-speed online protection.

The primary reasons that more and more people buy their very own internet router to change the Verizon supplied gateways are for saving in leasing expenses, for better performance and in addition for having more control over their house community.

FiOS (acronym for Fiber Optic Service) is really a dietary fiber access community to the house providing symmetric Internet speeds (same download and upload speeds) with quite high performance, low latency and high dependability.

All of the models we suggest below can perhaps work with both Verizon FiOS service that is internet-only for Internet+TV bundle package.


If you should be on the go and don’t wish to see the article that is whole here you will find the suggested routers for FiOS for every Web speed tier:


Please be aware that the routers in this specific article work just with Ethernet cable from the ONT (Optical system Terminal) field set up by Verizon. Then you can’t use the routers in this article unless you replace the coaxial cable with Ethernet or use the following converter from MoCA to Ethernet if you have a coaxial cable (thick round MoCA cable) coming from the ONT:

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Standalone FiOS Online only solution

It is possible to entirely change the Verizon G1100 or ActionTec router with one of several routers in this specific article (hence eliminating leasing expenses). Just link the WAN slot of one’s router that is new to Ethernet cable developing through the ONT (Optical system Terminal) field from Verizon as shown below:

We suggest calling Verizon and telling them to produce the DHCP ip for the old gateway because you intend to install your personal router. Another choice would be to turn fully off the gateway that is existing one day before the DHCP rent expires then link your own personal unit.

Bundle FiOS Internet+TV service

You need to maintain the Verizon G1100 or ActionTec router and link it together together with your brand new router. You will need to link one of many LAN ports of one’s router that is new with WAN slot of one’s current Verizon router as shown below. Keepin constantly your old gateway router is necessary for a few television solutions to the office (like television guide, VOD etc).

Essential Considerations

All of the recommended models below have both wireless and wired(WiFi) abilities to be able to help connections from different customer products such as for instance smart phones, laptop computers, desktop computers, video gaming systems etc.

To be able to achieve the most speed feasible on your own house router, the connection that is best from customer unit to router is either through wired ethernet (LAN slot) or through the 5Ghz WiFi band .

That you will get longer wireless coverage distance but the speed is much lower than the 5Ghz band if you connect through the 2.4Ghz band, the advantage is.

Let’s view a rough estimate of average what is joingy speeds you need to expect with regards to the form of connection in the middle of your house unit and router.

We now have investigated the above speed ranges through the tests done by SmallNetBuilder who’s a professional in calculating the specific cordless rates of routers in genuine conditions.

The numbers that are above vary with respect to the surrounding conditions, types of client WiFi card/chipset utilized etc. As an example, then you might get higher speeds than the above if your client device (smartphone, laptop etc) supports 2Г—2 wifi streams (instead of classical 1Г—1.

Most readily useful Routers for Verizon FiOS

Without further ado, let’s understand suggested routers when you look at the parts below (each area is for a various web rate tier).

Have actually in your mind that all rate tier on Verizon is symmetric ( exact exact same download and upload). This will be one of many big benefits of utilizing Fiber Optic access technology in the place of DSL or Cable technologies utilized by other ISPs.

For 100Mbps Online Tier

Here you will find the recommended routers for 100Mbps rate tier.

Take note that on 2.4Ghz band you won’t manage to reach the full internet line rate. This is accomplished only on 5Ghz musical organization (and undoubtedly on wired connection).

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